Houston Station Expands Midday News to 1 1/2 Hours

Let's be honest, for most stations the Noon newscast is the bastard stepchild of the news department. 

No matter what the bosses say, no one really cares about the Noon show and there is no doubt it gets the least attention. Just ask anyone that produces a Noon newscast and you'll see.

But, one Houston station is going into new territory at the midday.

KPRC already was running a hour long newscast at 11:00AM and now they have tacked on another half hour starting at Noon.

An hour and a half of news in the middle of the day is almost unheard of from an affiliate.

Of course, with a very profitable 2016 election season, KPRC just opened up a number of prime avails for those politicians that are looking to buy time during newscasts.  

Which begs the question, how much longer before other stations start following KPRC's lead?

Stay tuned...