CNN, Fox News to Simulcast Media Show

FTVLive has learned exclusively that CNN and Fox News plan to merge media shows Reliable Sources and Media Buzz and simulcast the show on both networks.

The show, to be titled "Reliable Buzz" will be hosted by Howard Kurtz and Brian Stelter and will feature a number of new segments. 

Kurtz currently works at FNC, while Stelter works at CNN. Reliable Buzz will air at 11AM on Sundays on both networks. 

Sources tell FTVLive about two of the new segments that will be introduced on the show. The segment hosted by Kurtz is titled, "Howie Hates Obama." It will feature some of Kurtz's tweets from the week where he bashes the President. Kurtz has been doing this since he joined Fox News and they figured why not make it into a segment?

Stelter will not be left out and will also have a special segment on the show. Stelter's segment will be called, "What Jeff told me to say." It will feature talking points from CNN boss Jeff Zucker that Stelter will feature in a powerpoint presentation. 

The show will be taped at CNN because according to Fox News Spokesperson, "We don't want Stelter inside our building."

The show is expect to launch by the end of the month and Piers Morgan is expected to be the first guest.

Stay tuned....