Just Wow

If the cable news networks didn't think they had a credibility problem, maybe this will open their eyes.

Media Life Magazine conducted a poll to see who readers thought was most credible, Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC?

The results were embarrassing for cable news and MSNBC in particular. 

By a very slim margin, media buyers and planners think it’s CNN, with Fox News a close second. MSNBC is not even a consideration.

Asked which one of the three major cable news networks was most credible, the largest share of respondents, 36 percent, voted for CNN, which had long enjoyed the reputation as being the least biased of the three in its reporting.

FNC came in second with 32 percent.

But not all readers were impressed with the choices. A quarter said none of the cable news networks are credible.

And not even one respondent picked MSNBC.

In other words, CNN 36%, FNC 32% and MSNBC 0%

0%! Is anyone at NBC paying attention?