Radio Host Sorry for Twitter Comments about Anchor's Boobs

A couple of Chicago Radio guys said they were sorry for tweets about a TV Anchor's boobs.

WSCR-AM midday co-host Matt Spiegel sent out a thought on Twitter about the sometimes stiff on-air performance of CSN Chicago sports anchor/reporter Aiyana Cristal.

Spiegel wrote: "Aiyana Cristal makes me uncomfortable. I feel how hard she's trying, & end up awkwardly rooting for her to finish cleanly."

Spiegel's WSCR-am co-host Dan Bernstein quickly responded to that tweet by Spiegel, saying: "I have no rooting interest in her work, but enjoy her giant boobs."

For his part in this situation, Spiegel has apologized repeatedly on Twitter and on his radio show.

Bernstein said sorry on his radio show. Bernstein began by saying "Spiegs, I know you talked about this earlier and I think there are a lot of people who want me to address the Twitter kerfuffle from last night." 

Said Bernstein: "I'm an idiot. There are certain times when you can be childish and crass, and other times where it's just really stupid to be a child. My tweet was childish, my tweet was crass and unnecessary. I'm sorry I dragged an innocent person into it who's doing a job. I made an observation I shouldn't have made and it was childish and silly and stupid."

He added: "My words are my responsibility. My words were stupid. There's nobody else to blame for any difficulty that I might be going through because of my stupidity. It's entirely on me. I own it. I wish I would have had a second thought about sending it. I am learning my lesson about what is appropriate, what is inappropriate to say and I feel bad about it."

H/T Chicagoland Radio and Media