OMG! Breaking Greenville Star has Hollywood Dreams

The TruTV Show 'Breaking Greenville" is in the books, but not before giving some of the TV news stars higher hopes.

In the opening episode of Breaking Greenville, WAGB News Director Pam Chatman proudly reveals the fact she is referred to as "the Oprah of the South."

The Clarion Ledger writes that now, Chatman claims that she has been contacted by Oprah Winfrey's "ambassadors" (Oprah has ambassadors?) about setting up a meeting with the media mogul.

"We're trying to eventually cross paths to get both Oprahs face to face and see what happens," Chatman said with a hearty laugh.

Chatman, along with co-stars David Lush and Lucy Biggers, is among the "Breaking Greenville" stars to parlay the reality show into possible new career opportunities.

"I'm ecstatic about how this reality show has been great for the city of Greenville as well as the entire Delta," Chatman said. "A lot of people have stopped by to tell how grateful they are for what we have done for putting Mississippi and the Delta on the map for something more positive and full of laughter."

Chatman has maintained her position as News Director, but it might not be for much longer. Chatman hears Hollywood calling her name. She made an appearance on the CBS talk show "The Talk" and has been asked about guest hosting the show.

She is currently traveling back and forth between the Delta and Los Angeles "to see what opportunities are out there for me."

Excuse me.....I need to go throw up now.