FNC's Megyn Kelly Grills Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz kicked off his Presidential bid way too early and also found out that at least one Fox News Anchor is going to ask him some tough questions.

Many GOPers think that when they head into the Fox den it is going to be easy going, that's not the case will Kelly. 

Kelly pushed Cruz on the comparison critics are making between him and President Obama, who both served just one term in the Senate before announcing their presidential run.

"We already tried a first-term Senator,” Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said on Monday, suggesting that Cruz is inexperienced. 

The following night, Cruz argued that there are several differences between him and Obama, one being that Obama was a "backbencher" in the Senate while he has been a leader.

"Yes, you've led the fight on certain issues," Kelly responded, "but what have you actually accomplished?"

Cruz responded that his accomplishments are "stopping bad things from happening," calling out his efforts to stop Obamacare, lower debt and protect the Second Amendment.

Obamacare is still here and nothing has changed with the Second Amendment, which proves Kelly's point, that Cruz has accomplished nothing. Also, calling yourself a leader of a do nothing hated Congress is not going to win you votes. 

Just saying.... 

H/T HuffPo