Andy Lack Targets MSNBC's Dismal Ratings

Andy Lack doesn't officially start his new job as chairman of NBC News and MSNBC until April 6. But The Hollywood Reporter writes, the returning leader has been a regular presence at the company's 30 Rock head­quarters, where he's been holding long meetings with the news division's senior vps, talent and producers.

And sources say he's already indicated his first projects will be devising a plan to reverse the ratings slide at MSNBC and determining the fate of Brian Williams, the Nightly News anchor who is nearly two months into a 6 month suspension for fibbing about his time in Iraq. The tide among the rank and file at NBC News is against reinstating Williams.

Lack will also focus on trying to breath some life back into MSNBC. 

The revamp that began with the axing of daytime shows hosted by Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid to continue under Lack's leadership.

There is widespread speculation that Al Sharpton's show could be moved to a weekend slot as news programming will likely return as the focus of MSNBC.

The fate of 8 p.m. host Chris Hayes is unclear (NBC sources tell FTVLive it's  a goner). "Contrary to rumors that already have been reported, there are no plans to move Rev. Sharpton's or Chris Hayes' shows," says an MSNBC spokesperson.

It appears that Lack wants to bring NBC and MSNBC more closely together.  This will be a reversal of the strategy advocated by NBC News president Deborah Turness that drew a stark line between the units.

Stay tuned, April should be an interesting month at 30 Rock.