The Final Episode of Breaking Greenville

FTVLive kept meaning to tune into TruTV's Breaking Greenville and we never did. Tomorrow night the season finale airs and damn if we didn't miss every minute of it.

We got a press release that gives you a hint as to what happens in the final episode. It says, "the dueling Mississippi Delta stations WABG and WXVT take their last stab at winning the ratings battle. WABG pulls out all the stops in their last push for viewers by featuring Zumba instruction, anchors singing on air, reporting from donut shops, etc. WXVT fights back by getting back on the scale for the culmination of their “Get Healthy, Get Fit” campaign, and Eric presenting his feature tornado story. Tune in as the ratings battle comes to a close, the winner is announced, and the competing stations meet face to face."

Since the two stations are owned by the same company, we're betting that the two have met face to face a number of times.

Sometimes, reality television is anything but.

Just saying.....