Bill O'Reilly to Stop By Letterman's Show Tonight

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly will stop by the CBS Late Show tonight to answer all the claims that have been made about him embellishing his reporting career.

We're kidding. O'Reilly will be on to promote "Killing Jesus," the National Geographic Channel movie of his best seller.

Letterman is this/close to calling it quits and this very well could be O'Reilly's last appearance on the CBS Late Show. Maybe, just maybe, Letterman will have the stones to ask O'Reilly about the controversy over the way he is claimed to have embellished his reporting career.

We're betting that it won't happen, but Letterman has shown in the past that he is willing to poke papa bear a bit.

Interesting note, NBC's Brian Williams was scheduled to be on Letterman the same week it was revealed that he lied about his coverage in Iraq. 

Williams canceled his appearance.