Sinclair Swings the Ax in Champaign

Word is that Sinclair pink slipped a number of staffers both on and off air at WICD in Champaign. IL.

The company announced that starting in April,  WICD will begin airing "market-wide" newscasts originating from its sister station, WICS in Springfield.

Sinclair is also going to start up a one hour 9PM newscast on Fox affiliate WCCU in Champaign.

“This reallocation of news resources, from ABC to FOX, in Champaign, will allow us to create the best possible product in the increasingly important 9pm time period for our viewers in Champaign,” said General Manager Rick Lipps.  

So how does Sinclair spin the fact that they are kicking staffers at WICD to the curb?  "The reallocation of resources will require fewer staff members in Champaign and more news staffers in Springfield. The company plans to retain as many of its Champaign staff as possible."

By the way, WICS is the station where former Anchor Vince Dementri and a Reporter where let go after getting into a fight at a local Hooters. So, we're guessing the the staffers at WICD that aren't fired are really excited to be going to such a classy station like WICS.

Just saying....