NY Mayor Boycotts Big Apple Station

WNYW in New York says that it has invited NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio on their morning newscast hundreds of times.

The Mayor has turned them down each and every time.

Fox 5's "Good Day New York  is hosted by Greg Kelly—the son of the former police commissioner who was heavily criticized by de Blasio—and Rosanna Scotto, a longtime television fixture.

“Since we’ve asked so many times, it feels like a calculated boycott,” said Lew Leone, WNYW General Manager.

The Mayor seems to love every other TV camera, just not the WNYW cameras or parent company Fox News.

In December, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly—a conservative critic of the mayor—sent a comic correspondent to a mayoral press conference to issue a public invitation to appear on the show, after what O'Reilly said were several formal requests.

De Blasio laughed his way though the incident, and promised the correspondent, “My staff will follow up with you.”

De Blasio has yet to appear on the show.

De Blasio’s office did not return a request for comment about the "Good Day New York" invitations.

H/T Capital NY