The Weather Channel Fires Back at FIOS

The Weather Channel is stepping up their PR war against Verizon FIOS for pulling the plug on the network.

The two sids are in a pissing match over retransmission fees and now TWC is encouraging viewers to protest Verizon.

Verizon said earlier this week and FIRST reported by FTVLive that it had opted to stop carrying the Weather Channel in favor of the  AccuWeather Network

The Weather Channel has created a website,, that provides contact information for Verizon and urges people to "call Verizon and demand they bring back The Weather Channel."

To show that they are serious, the Weather Channel has included the American Bald Ego AKA Jim Cantore (windshield wiper blade salesman) in their propaganda against FIOS. 

In the end the two sides will agree on a new deal and neither one will discuss the details of said deal. Then 6 month to a year from now, FIOS customers will be told that their bill is going up. 

And yet, these people still wonder why viewers are cutting the cord?