Station Ignores Feel Good Story of the Year

It seems that the students at one Bristol, VA High School have shown the power of email and social media.

Clintwood High School is in their  final year of existence. Next year, Clintwood will merge with another school to form Ridgeview High School.

In their last year, the Clintwood girls basketball team won the state title in a game that came down to the wire. 

It was an amazing story as the team won in their final year of being Chitwood HS. It seemed like a perfect feel good story for a TV newscast.

Problem was, WCYB ignored the story and didn't cover the game. 

Parents, students and teachers took the station to task for not covering the game and one of the better feel good stories of the year. Plus, what the hell us can be going on in Bristol, VA for the station to ignore the game?

The station's tagline is "getting the facts right," in this case they ignored the facts and the story and got it completely wrong. 

The station took to their webiste and said they were sorry and are going to try and make it up to the students.

This is what they posted:

We want to take this moment to acknowledge our mistake in our lack of video coverage of the Clintwood High School basketball team.

I spent 13 years as sports director of WCYB, so I know how much that victory meant to the Dickenson County community, and our friends in southwest Virginia.

We dropped the ball, and then fumbled it out of bounds.

We’ve received your emails and social media posts. You’re angry and disappointed, and rightfully so.

We can apologize, but that can’t undo our failing to cover the game, but we will do our best to make this right.

Our news director has already spoken with the vice principal of Clintwood and we are planning a video tribute soon.

It’s been a lesson to our whole staff, and we want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Paul Johnson, News Anchor
John Soares, News Director