Pushing Out the Doctor at NBC

FTVLive told you yesterday that NBC News had parted ways with Dr. Nancy Snyderman and you can bet your bottom dollar she was pushed.

Although NBC and Snyderman are trying to make it look like it was the Doctor's idea, no one inside 30 Rock is believing it. 

Also, you just have to look at the statement from NBC, announcing Snyderman's leaving: “Throughout her career with NBC News, Dr. Nancy Snyderman has provided her expertise on countless health and medical topics that are vitally important to our audience. She’s been a valuable voice both on air and in our newsroom, and we wish her all the best.”

The statement comes from an NBC Spokesperson and not one NBC News executive is quoted about Snyderman and her time at NBC.

Snyderman was suspended from NBC after breaking a ebola quarantine and being spotted at a local restaurant. Snyderman refused to accept responsibility or offer a real heart felt apology for her actions.

In February, Snyderman went on the air for a report about peanut allergies and many thought she was drunk. 

NBC News bosses, Patricia Fili-Krushel and Deborah Turness seemed to turn a blind eye to the problems with Snydermann, while many others in the newsroom thought she should be gone.  

Now with new sheriff Andy Lack on board, the mess is slowly getting cleaned up and Snyderman is taking more time off to spend with Brian Williams.