Al Sharpton's Tax Records Keep Burning up in Fires

MSNBC's Al Sharpton has some really bad luck.

It is well documented that Sharpton, MSNBC Host and National Action Network front man has problems paying his taxes.

Basically, every business that Sharpton has launched has wound up having tax problems with the IRS. A report from the National Review may have found one reason for all of these nagging tax problems.

Imagine how much easier it would have been for Sharpton to clear his good name if the buildings where his tax records were stored didn’t keep burning to the ground. 

The National Review writes, "as Al Sharpton ran for mayor of New York City in 1997 and for president in 2003, fires at his offices reportedly destroyed critical financial records, and he subsequently failed to comply with tax and campaign filing requirements. 

The first fire began in the early hours of April 10, 1997, in a hair-and-nail salon one floor below Sharpton’s campaign headquarters at 70 West 125th Street. From the start, investigators deemed the fire “suspicious” because of “a heavy volume of fire on arrival” and because many of the doors remained unlocked after hours, according to the New York Fire Department’s fire-and-incident report…

Six years later, on January 23, 2003 — one day after Sharpton filed paperwork to create a presidential exploratory committee — another fire caused heavy damage at National Action Network, located at 1941 Madison Avenue. (The Federal Election Commission (FEC) later determined that Sharpton had actually become a candidate no later than October 2002, although, contrary to law, he had not filed his statement of candidacy until April 2003.) 

The battalion chief who responded to the fire initially coded it as suspicious. On the fire-and-incident report, the cause of fire is designated as “NFA [Not Fully Ascertained] — Heat from electrical equipment (Extension Cords).” But by the evening of January 24, the chief fire marshal told the New York Times that “both an eyewitness account and a physical examination by fire marshals point to the cause as accidental.”

We're sure that these tax record fires are just a coincidence.


H/T Hot Air