NBC CEO Holds Weekend BriWi Meeting at His House

The management at NBC did not have much of a weekend.

Politico writes that NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke held a meeting with NBC News executives at his house yesterday to discuss the next steps in the Brian Williams crisis.

It appears that NBC and Williams are still holding out hope that the Anchor can survive at the Peacock and that they are considering the timing and venue for his next apology, which we presume will be more truthful this time.

As FTVLive reported earlier Today, Williams spent a good part of the weekend at 30 Rock. 

If NBC is hoping this storm will pass, it might take awhile.

Also, if Williams survives and continues to Anchor Nightly News, what happens when he is out in the field and something dramatic happens?

While he will relay the story on air, many watching will be questioning if the story is true.

That is something Williams and NBC will have to live with forever, IF they decided to keep him in the anchor chair.