MSNBC All but Ignores BriWi Story, CNN Piles on

When it came to the Brian Williams lying story, the cable nets took different approaches to covering the news.

As expected, MSNBC barely touched the story. Their AM show Morning Joe never mentioned Williams at all. The first mention of the story on MSNBC wasn't until 11AM when MSNBC Anchor Jose Diaz-Balart played William’s apology before a commercial break.

Fox News mentioned the story a few times throughout the day, but did not spend much time on it. Megyn Kelly discussed the story during her 9 p.m. show with media clown Howard Kurtz. Kelly came to the partial defense of Williams, characterizing the long-evolving tale as an “innocent mistake.” “It may be an honest mistake,” Kurtz replied, “but it’s an inexplicable one.”

CNN, home to Brian Williams old boss Jeff Zucker piled on the most. CNN's Brian Stelter, who barely touched the Fareed Zakaria plagiarism story (Zakaria works for CNN) was all over every CNN platform on the Williams' story.

Stelter posted a number of stories on the CNN website and appeared on a number off CNN shows throughout the day discussing the story and the fate and future of Brian Williams. 

Stelter was back on New Day this morning talking about the Williams story. 

CNN always seems to be quick to pile on the other guys, but never seem to do it when it involves one of their own. 

H/T Mediaite