Signing Off from CBS News

CBS News Correspondent Bob Orr, who as far as we know, was not shot down in a military helicopter, will retire from on Friday after 40-plus years in the business.

For someone who dreamed of handling baseball play-by-play (“I wanted to replace Bob Prince as the voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates”), Bob Orr built an impressive career out of covering much-weightier subjects.

Orr has been employed by CBS — based in Washington, D.C. — since 1993, first as the transportation correspondent and later as the reporter for justice and homeland security. His beats have had him covering, among other stories, many plane crashes as well as the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001.

“When I got into the TV business in 1973, I did the math and saw there were seven or eight news jobs for every sports job — so I thought I would be better-served doing news,” Orr, 61, said recently by phone.

Still, upon his graduation from Bethany in 1975, he didn’t expect to turn news reporting into a long-term career.

“I guess, once you’re in something,” he said, “inertia plays a role.”

Yes it does Bob, yes it does.

H/T Columbus Dispatch