Motown Station Says Clickbait Headline was a Mistake

When a Taiwanese driver's dash cam caught the crash of TransAsia Airways plane as it clips a taxi before dropping into water alongside a highway, it surly did not need to be hyped. 

The video was amazing and disheartening at the same time.

But, WXYZ decided to use the video for some clickbait to their website. They posted this on Facebook:

There is no doubt that they didn't need the, "You've got to see this!" to be added and now WXYZ says that it was a mistake.

Talking to Deadline Detroit, WXYZ's New Media Director, Seth Myers says, "The Facebook post you highlighted was terribly worded. You're right on that. We felt the same way. We spoke with the producer who wrote it and -- as you noted -- chose some more appropriate wording pretty quickly."

 The headline was changed to "Terrifying!" the "You've got to see this!" was deleted.  No explanation or apology was posted.