Where was The Coverage?

It is no secret that both broadcast networks and the cable networks really only consider it news it is happens in New York.

There is no better example of that then the recent weather.

You remember how the news networks were falling all over themselves for the historic snowstorm that was going to bury New York City.

The coverage was non-stop and continued well past the point when it was obvious that NYC was not going to get the snow that was predicted.

This week, the midwest did get hit with a historic snowstorm and the news coverage has basically been just a blip. 

In Detroit, 16.7 inches of snow were recorded at Metro Airport, making for the city’s third biggest snowstorm on record. In Plymouth, Indiana, in the far northern part of the state, 19.6 inches of snowfall was reported during the storm.

And in Chicago, 19.3 inches of snow fell Sunday into Monday morning, making for the city’s fifth largest blizzard in its recorded history.

So where was the hype? Where is the coverage?

Why hasn't CNN dispatched the "Blizzard Mobile" to Chicago?

Oh....that's right...it didn't happen in New York.

Never mid. 

H/T HuffPo