Ummm... You Left Something out of That Story

KTVA (Anchorage) did a story about a woman who wants to open the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary  more than a year before the state issues any licenses for commercial marijuana sales.

KTVA reported that Charlo Greene owns the Alaska Cannabis Club. Greene says paid members come to the club to smoke, socialize and take classes but says no marijuana is sold there. She says when she starts supplying medical cardholders with products later this month, she won’t be violating the law.

“As long as we aren’t selling, we aren’t violating,” said Greene.

What KTVA did not report is that Charlo Greene used to work for the station and made headlines when she quit live on air using the words, "Fuck it...I quit."

So why did KTVA Reporter Lauren Maxwell leave that information out of her report? 

Maxwell tells Romenesko, "Honestly, I think that is pretty common knowledge. We did stories closer to when she quit that acknowledged that fact and even interviewed people who questioned our integrity as journalists.

Our News Director went on air and was very open about asking our viewers to accept his apologies for her behavior and to assure people that we are a serious news organization that strives to hold reporters to the highest standards. 

That being said, Charlo Greene continues to make news and her past employment wasn’t the focus of this story."

It might not have been the focus, but it surely should have been mentioned. 

Just saying....