Buffalo Anchor is kind of Sorry for Cat Comment, But Not Really

WIVB (Buffalo) Anchor Teresa Weakley found herself under fire for a very cruel comment that she made about the cat that was buried alive and dug its way out.

Weakley ad-libbed after the story of the mircle cat story and said talking about the hole the cat was buried in, “it freaks me out. Maybe it should have been deeper.”

Needless to say animal lovers and people with any kind of heart were upset with the comment and let Weakley and the station know on social media. 

This week, Weakley went back on the air to try and explain her comment. She said she was distracted and then talked about and showed mean comments people made about her.

Her appology was anything but, she never said she was sorry, was extremely condescending and only made excuses why she said the comment. "As far as what happened, it was a mistake and I misspoke," Weaklyey said in a condescending voice. 

She also felt that she need to show the viewers that people on social media were mean to her. 

Never once did she say she was sorry for the very cruel comment, she only talked down to viewers and offer excuses.

Sadly, it appears that her ego is so big, she couldn't "Im Sorry."

In the end, she might have been better off keeping her mouth shut. In both cases.

Just saying....

Here is video of her non-apology