Little Rock Station Hires Former NFL Player to Anchor

Former Green Bay Packers tight end DJ Williams was known as an entertaining interview during his time in the NFL, occasionally regaling reporters with stories of his “cow wrestling” days (non-fiction stories, he notes). Now he’s the one doing the interviewing.

“They want me to be the Michael Strahan of Arkansas TV,” said Williams.

Williams is currently a free agent hoping to catch back on with an NFL team, but in the meantime he has been hired at KARK to work the morning newscast Little Rock, Arkansas.

The tight end says it’s a good thing he’s always been an early riser: his alarm clock these days is set for 3:30am.

He’s working on reading off a teleprompter, but is already branching out to interview guests on the show, not just talk about sports. Working in TV, he says, is less structured than the football world.

“I’m used to having an idea of what we’re doing for practice the day before, if not two days before,” said Williams. “[In TV] I get there at 4 o’clock, 4:30, I go on at 5, they say, ‘ok, this is what we might talk about today. I’m like, ‘oh crap.’

“Right now I pretty much have somebody holding my hand, putting me in front of the camera, telling me which camera to look at. They say, ‘just be DJ.’”

So, for you kids getting out of J-School and trying to land a job, maybe you should go to the NFL first.

Just saying....