Fox News not Happy with Holder Snub

Fox News is not happy with outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder after the AG snubbed FNC on an exit interview. 

In a statement, Fox News Executive Vice President Michael Clemente signaled that his network has been excluded from a round of interviews granted to competing outlets. “The Attorney General’s decision does a deep disservice to America’s largest cable news audience and the interests of a free press,” reads a statement from Clemente.

A Fox News correspondent going one-on-one with Holder might have made some good television given the backstory. A search warrant 2010 affidavit in a leak investigation against former intelligence analyst Stephen Kim cited Fox News reporter James Rosen as a possible “co-conspirator” in Kim’s alleged violations of the Espionage Act. The Justice Department was seeking Rosen’s personal e-mails.

Rosen and FNC was not surprised by the snub, "Ultimately, however, we’re not surprised that Holder would try to evade a thorough accounting of his record in office, including his decision to investigate our Chief Washington correspondent, James Rosen through an illegal seizure of emails and phone records of Rosen and his parents." 

H/T Washington Post