Lester Holt Widens Ratings Lead

BriWi Who?

That might be the question some of the suits at 30 Rock are asking as it appears viewers aren't missing Brian Williams one bit. 

With Lester Holt anchoring NBC Nightly News, the evening broadcast was first in the ratings, pulling in an average 10.1 million viewers last week.

Holt widened the lead to a 416,000-viewer advantage over ABC's World News with David Muir. ABC averaged 9.7 million last week, while the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, a perennial third-place finisher, netted 8.5 million.

Among the core audience of adults ages 25 to 54 that network newscasts sell to advertisers, ABC had a tiny edge last week, with 2.57 million viewers to NBC's 2.55 million, reversing the previous week's pecking order. CBS had 2.03 million.


H/T USA Today