It's All About the Ratings

The wind chills in Buffalo have been dipping well into the double digits below zero this past week. It's the kind of weather that really is dangerously cold. 

So what did WKBW in Buffalo do?

They built and ice desk and made their Anchors stand behind it to anchor the newscast on Monday night. 

Are you kidding me?

Anyone that lives in the Buffalo area knows how cold it has been, do you really need to put your anchors outside in the bitter cold to show that?

This was a sweeps stunt that bordered on the ridiculous. 

What made it even more ridiculous is the fact WKBW has done their weather forecast outside for decades. On the night they have their news anchors outside, the Buffalo News says that Weatherman Aaron Mentkowski was inside doing his forecast.


It was a desperate move for ratings that just made the station look desperate and stupid.