O'Reilly's Stories in His Book are Called into Question

While Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is taking hits, there is at least some evidence that his book the "No Spin Zone" did in fact have a bit of spin.

Some are questioning if Bill O might have added a little pizazz to his war stories to help sell books?

Gawker writes that O'Reilly denied to media watchdog Dylan Byers that he had ever claimed to be on the Falkland Islands at all—something he wrote about, with words, in a book about things that are supposed to be true (i.e. his memoir)—before redirecting attention to a violent protest he'd covered in Buenos Aires: "I was not on the Falkland Islands and I never said I was. I was in Buenos Aires... In Buenos Aires we were in a combat situation after the Argentines surrendered."

Further details on that "combat situation" in Buenos Aires from O'Reilly's No Spin Zone: 

A major riot ensued and many were killed. I was right in the middle of it and nearly died of a heart attack when a soldier, standing about ten feet away, pointed his automatic weapon directly at my head.

"There were certainly no dead people," Jim Forrest, who was a sound engineer for CBS in Buenos Aires at the time, told CNN of O'Reilly's claim that people were killed. "Had there been dead people, they would have sent more camera crews."

One of the cameramen, however, got trampled, and all of us got banged up in the panic. Many, including me, were teargassed.

"Nobody remembers this happening," Manny Alvarez, a cameraman, said. "If somebody got hurt, we all would have known."

Looks like there might have been a bit of spin in the no spin zone after all.