Bill O'Reilly is Fighting Back

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly isn't backing down from charges that he inflated his war coverage while working for CBS News.

Late last week, left leaning website Mother Jones called O'Reilly out for his war stories and claimed he was "pulling a Brian Williams."

The site says that Bill O'Reilly made claims to be covering the war in the Falklands, when in fact no US Journalist made it to the Falklands during the very brief war. 

Then another attack was lobbed O'Reilly's way from retired CBS News correspondent Eric Engberg, who was covering the Falklands conflict for the network with O'Reilly in 1982 posted his own version of events Saturday on Facebook. "We — meaning the American networks — were all in the same, modern hotel and we never saw any troops, casualties or weapons," Engberg wrote. "It was not a war zone or even close. It was an "expense account zone."

CNN also started to call O'Reilly's stories into to question. 

The Fox News host fired back at CNN (don't call him Media Critic) Media Reporter Brian Stelter, calling him a “far-left zealot."

As for the other reports, O'Reilly says, “I got calls in to Dan Rather, I got calls into all the CBS brass at the time,” O’Reilly told Howard Kurtz. “I’m going to get the video – CBS I think is going to give it to us tomorrow so the people can see for themselves.

CBS News confirmed it did get the request, and is in the process of locating the video, which was shot three decades ago and is in the network’s archives, portions of which are stored off site.

While the O'Reilly's stories may continue to be called into question, don't expect FNC to suspend him like NBC did with Brian Williams. 

The stories in question are over 30 years old. Williams was suspended just a week after telling his lie (again) on air. 

CNN and others seem to be working overtime to try and get this to stick to O'Reilly and while the FNC host might take some hits, it is more than likely there will be no long term effects. 

Stay tuned....

H/T USA Today, Deadline