That's It?

Each morning, FTVLive wakes up at 4AM, stumbles into the office and starts updating the site. Most often we post the first stories of the day between 6:45 and 7:15AM.

At that point we return some emails and try and map out the rest of the day, who to call, story ideas, ect.

We then eat a quick breakfast and take Rory for his morning walk. We return to the office to check email and any other tasks before heading to the gym for a workout.

This morning, I had just gotten to the gym and did about 4 machines (out of 20) when I got this email saying I needed to tune into Jose Diaz Balart on MSNBC at 9:30AM. Problem was it was 9:20AM and not a single TV in the gym is tuned to MSNBC (they are on Fox News, CNN and ESPN mainly).

I frantically called the intern, telling him to roll the DVR and start watching MSNBC. I wondered was Diaz Balart going to announce that Brian Williams had resigned? Was he announcing that he would be the new Anchor of Nightly News? Or, did Ronan Farrow go postal after his show was axed and starting gunning people down at MSNBC?

I was wondering what the huge news was, I was quickly getting dressed and racing back to the FTVLive World Headquarters to be raedy to share this huge news.

Then, I found out what it was.

Jose Diaz-Balart announced that he'll be hosting a town hall with President Obama next Wednesday.

Talk about a let down.