Buffalo Station to Lose Husband and Wife to the Twin Cities

Here is the problem when TV station hire and Husband and Wife.

WIVB in Buffalo is about to have two jobs they will need to fill. The Buffalo News writes that  Anchor/Reporter Lou Raguse is leaving the station when his contract expires next month to take his dream job in his home state of Minnesota.

Raguse is expected to begin his new job as a reporter at KARE-TV in Minneapolis. He is expected to begin his new job in April after completing his WIVB contract in early March.

The Buffalo News reports that Raguse’s wife, WIVB Reporter Emily Guggenmos, also will be leaving the station. She plans to do some freelance work in Minneapolis and also take care of their 18-month-old daughter.

With the expected departures of Raguse and Guggenmos, WIVB will have lost seven news reporters and anchors in less than a year.

Last one out, please shut off the transmitter.