Inside Edition Hires Zoey (Used to be Bob) Tur

If you didn't know it was sweeps month, just check out Inside Edition.

The tabloid news program has hired Transgender television news reporter Zoey Tur.

Tur used to be known as Bob Tur and was an LA News Chopper pilot that covered some of the biggest stories on the west coast. He/She is also the father of NBC Correspondent Katy Tur. 

Inside Edition says that Tur will be featured as a special correspondent.

“We are thrilled to have Zoey join Inside Edition as Special Correspondent and make some TV history,” says executive producer Charles Lachman.

“There’s diversity in nature, so why not the media? I want to thank Inside Edition for their support in what’s shaping up to be America’s last civil rights fight,” says Tur.