Like We Said... (UPDATED)

Earlier today FTVLive FIRST told you that MSNBC was going to pull the plug on Ronan Farrow's low rated show. 

We wrote, "And while the very low rated Ronan Farrow show is still on the air, word is it will be next to be flushed off the schedule."

Not long after FTVLive posted that story, Farrow was called into the corner office and told his show is being cancelled.

UPDATE: We just got an email from NBC who is telling us they're moving toward a more news-focused daytime schedule and putting Thomas Roberts in the anchor chair from 1p-3p.

MSNBC says both Joy Reid and Ronan Farrow will stay on at the network, which really means they'll be around until their contracts run out; then you'll never see them again. Or a new contract is offered at a greatly reduced salary.