Survey Shows Viewers Think Lester Holt as Good as BriWi

A new survey shows that viewers think Lester Holt is a fine replacement for Brian Williams. 

The survey done by Magid Associates, shows that “70% of viewers think Holt will be as good or better than Williams while filling in. Just 6% think he will be worse.”

“Lester is good. He’s familiar to viewers. NBC is in the driver’s seat right now,” Jaime Spencer, senior vice president of Magid Associates, tells Breitbart News.

Breitbart also points out that CNN could not get the facts quite right while reporting the story. 

They write that CNN's report on aspects of the survey that presented Brian Williams in a fairly positive light, under the headline, “Some viewers think Brian Williams deserves a shot at redemption.” Brian Stelter, the host of CNN’s Reliable Sources writes:

Many viewers believe Brian Williams deserves a second chance on the “NBC Nightly News” …
Almost half — 48% — said they thought Williams can restore his credibility, 30% said Williams cannot regain credibility, and 22% said they were unsure.

Among daily viewers of nightly newscasts, there was more support for Williams — 58% of daily viewers said they thought he could earn his credibility back.

But the question posed by the survey wasn’t whether Williams “deserved a shot at redemption,” and “a second chance on the ‘NBC Nightly News'” or even a chance at anchoring on another network. Instead, it was:

Do you think Brian Williams can regain his credibility as a journalist and news anchor?

In its reporting, CNN conflated the survey respondents’ opinions on Williams’s capability of restoring his credibility with an unasked question–whether they believe NBC Nightly News should give Williams a second chance.