Off Duty Cop Helped Save San Diego Sports Anchor

While KFMB Sports Director Kyle Kraska recovers from 10 gunshot wounds,  the station says they're learning more about what happened right after the shooting.

San Diego Police Sgt. Scott Bartolomei lives just around the corner from Kraska. He was off-duty at the time of the shooting. He says he heard the gunshots and immediately raced to the scene, where he found Kraska on the ground outside his Scripps Ranch home, in desperate need of a miracle.

"I see a male on the ground, and he looked up and said, 'Scott, help me,' and I immediately recognized it to be Kyle," Bartolomei said. "It was surreal, a surreal moment for me. I could smell gun powder in the air and I could see the wounds on Kyle."

Bartolomei says he's known Kraska for about six years, and had just talked to him earlier that day at the gym, making the situation very emotional. But his training immediately kicked in.

"It's very common for gunshot victims to go into shock. Shock will kill you just as easily as a wound will, so I was comforting Kyle, motivating Kyle," he said.

Bartolomei won't say exactly what he and Kyle talked about in those tense moments, but he made sure the tone remained upbeat.

"'You're bigger than this, you're better than this, and you're going to survive,' and just positive, positive, positive. That's the biggest thing -- don't let him look at himself, see where his injuries were --and just keep going, keep going, taking his attention off the moment," he said.

Other officers and an ambulance quickly arrived, increasing Kraska's chances for survival.

Right now he remains in critical, but stable condition and is improving to the point where doctors believe they will be able to start slowly bringing him out of his medically induced coma Thursday night.

"He's got a bit of a road ahead of him, but he's going to pull through. I guarantee we'll see him on TV again," Bartolomei said.