More BriWi Lies?

It appears that more Brian Williams tall tales are being uncovered and once again it seems that BrIWi wanted to make sure you knew he was there when history was made.

NBC is now looking into claims made by Brian Williams that he met Pope John Paul II while in college and was in Germany for the historic fall of the Berlin Wall.

Tom Brokaw was historically the only American anchor who was present the night the Berlin Wall fell, but it seems that Williams may have claimed he too was there, while working with WCBS-TV.

'I've been so fortunate,' said Williams in a 2008 forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library according to CNN.

'I was at the Brandenburg Gate the night the wall came down.' 

And while Williams did witness some of the wall's removal, an NBC source said as a matter of fact; 'Brian arrived the day after the wall came down.' 

Furthermore, in a 2004 interview, Williams said he 'arrived at the Berlin Wall a day after -- more like 12 hours after -- Tom Brokaw did.'

However, at a November 8, 2014 gala he stated; 'Here's a fact: 25 years ago tonight, Tom Brokaw and I were at the Berlin Wall.'

As for his meeting with Pope John Paul II, while Williams did acknowledge the fact the Pope vicited Catholic College while he attended, it wasn't until 2004 that he suddenly said during a commencement speech at the same university that he met he man, and shook his hand.

Following his death however, Williams said; 'I was a student at Catholic University, and over the course of two hours, chatted up a Secret Service agent who spilled like a cup of coffee and told me that the pope would be coming our way, straight up the steps of a side door at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I positioned myself and held out my hand and said, "Welcome to Catholic University, Holy Father." And he embraced my hand with both of his, made the sign of the cross, and said a blessing to me.' 

How is it possible that this guy comes back to NBC News?

H/T The Daily Mail