Car Bob Simon was Riding in was "Veering Erratically"

The sad news at CBS 60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon was killed in a car crash is still settling in with friends and family on the newsman.

New details have emerged about the crash.

Simon was riding on New York's West Side Highway in a for-hire Lincoln Town Car when the crash took place shortly before 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

The car lost control, hit a Mercedes-Benz stopped at a red light and then struck the median, CBS reported.

Emergency responders found Simon unconscious in the backseat with injuries to his head and stomach, CBS said. He was pronounced dead at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center.

The driver was listed in stable condition at another hospital, and no charges had been filed.

The driver of the Mercedes – identified as 23-year-old Zachery Miller – told the New York Post the black car was veering erratically before the crash.

"He swerved into me," said the 23-year-old Mercedes driver, a resident of New Rochelle. "He hit me, and he looked like he lost control of the car."

Simon had just finished a story with his daughter, Tanya Simon, a producer at 60 Minutes. 

CBS says the story will air this Sunday on 60 Minutes. 

H/T USA Today