Cops Say Suspect that Shot Sports Anchor was Out on Bail

The man that cops say shot KFMB (San Diego) Sports Anchor  Kyle Kraska was out on bail for another crime when he shot Kraska. 

Court records show Mike Montana was arrested last October, and again in November, charged both times with driving under the influence of drugs.

Word is that Kraska hired Montana to paint his home and that the shooting was the result of an argument over the "poor job" that Montana was doing. 

"Kyle had noticed the guy painting neighbors houses, so when you see a neighbor, some guy doing a good job on your neighbor's house, that's a pretty good recommendation. So he ended up hiring the guy," Todd Villalobos a KFMB Sports Producer said.

Villalobos says that Kraska told him that Montana became flaky about showing up, and that the work he had done was not the quality he expected. So he paid Montana for his time and supplies and hired someone else to finish the job.

"He didn't owe the guy any money. They had completed their transaction and the guy came back and started demanding more money from Kyle," Villalobos said. Those demands started months after Kraska thought he was done with Montana.

As of Wednesday evening, Kraska was in critical, but stable condition at Scripps La Jolla Hospital. He suffered 10 gunshot wounds in Tuesday's attack.

Montana is scheduled to be arraigned on a charge of attempted first degree murder Friday.