Chicago Station Fires Staffer that Leaked Mayoral Debate Questions

WLS in Chicago says that one of their staffers leaked possible debate questions to Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus"Chuy" Garcia, considered by many observers to be one of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's  biggest threats in his effort to win re-election on Feb. 24.

The matter of the leak first surfaced last week as  WLS, the League of Women Voters of Illinois and Chicago, and Univision Chicago were preparing to present a mayoral candidate debate Thursday night that included five of the major candidates for the top elected post in the city.

In the lead-up to the debate Thursday night, it was revealed that Garcia had been told about some questions that might be asked to various candidates during the debate. When the alleged leak came to light, the debate sponsors, including WLS, said they moved quickly to disseminate the proposed questions to all five candidates that participated in the debate.

Today, having concluded its investigation, WLS posted an update on its website that said "the person responsible for the leak was relieved of their duties prior to the debate and has subsequently resigned from ABC 7."

First, we really doubt the person resigned and second, why did the station not name the person?

For a station that prides itself on being No. 1 in Chicago, withholding the employee's name is lame to say the least.

Just saying... 

H/T Chicago Business Journal