Staff at NBC O&O's Ordered to Read NBC Policies & Guidelines

You know when you you get a job at a new station and they give you the company handbook? You know the book that you never read and just toss in your desk.

Well in wake of the Brian Williams scandal, the staff at NBC O&O's are being told that they must re-read (or read for the first time) the 83-page manual on news guidelines.

The staff has until Friday to acknowledge in writing that they have read NBCUniversal News Group Policies and Guidelines.

The guide covers everything from accuracy and fairness in reporting to ownership of securities and insider trading. 

β€œIt is important that our staff and daily hires be up to date on NBC News Policies and Guidelines,” WMAQ (Chicago) News Director Debra Juarez.

It other words, Brian Williams sneezes and the NBC brass thinks everyone else has a cold. 

H/T Robert Feder