Is Matt Lauer Really Sad about BriWi Suspension?

For the first time, NBC's Today Show finally got around to covering the Brian Williams scandal on Wednesday morning. 

Today had all but ignored the story, until NBC Suspended Williams for 6 months without pay.

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie looked like they are reporting on a funeral while covering the BriWi story.

"Brian is not only a colleague of ours here, but he's a really good friend," Matt Lauer said. 

"We all care a lot about Brian," Savannah Guthrie added. "That's what makes this so hard."

But, id Lauer telling the truth about his friendship with Williams?

Back in May, the New York Post reported that Williams and  Lauer — rivals for big exclusive interviews, and for the attention of their bosses — are said to be feuding.

When the “Today” show aired excerpts of Williams’ interview with NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Williams refused to introduce the segments, sources said, leaving the task to Andrea Mitchell.

“It was a great promotional opportunity, but Williams wouldn’t go on ‘Today’ even for his own interview,” said one insider. “He wants nothing to do with ‘Today.’”

The Post said that BriWi had been hurt because NBC News boss Deborah Turness, who took the reins last August, is giving all of her attention to helping Lauer and the “Today” show regain supremacy in the ratings. “Brian feels like an orphan,” the insider said.

So, is Matt Lauer really sad about Williams downfall, or is he quietly gloating?

Maybe we should ask Ann Curry.