BriWi is Benched at NBC News

As FTVLive told you yesterday, NBC has suspended lying Anchor Brian Williams for 6 months without pay.

That means, if all goes to NBC's plan, Williams will not be back on the air until late summer. 

You have to wonder as he prepares to comeback, if all this will come to the forefront again. Can people ever forget that the "most trusted man in TV news" is a liar?

What happens as the election heat up and Williams sits across from a politician and calls them out for some lie they told months ago? How can he do that? And if you can't do that, how can he do his job?

Those are some of the questions that NBC will have to answer before it let's Williams return to the air. 

If everyone got suspended for 6 months for telling a few lies, not many people would be working. But, this is the face of an entire news division and he is not "everyone."

Some wonder if Williams will ever return? There are some inside NBC News that don't think he should.

Will NBC drop Williams' name from the title of the show? Will they take Nightly News, Michael Douglas introduction off the air? It would seem odd if those things stay while Williams is gone for that long.

You can bet that in 6 months time, most of the viewers will have forgotten about Williams. But, as he prepares to comeback, the press will open up the wounds and NBC will start bleeding once again.

Brian Williams says that when he comes back, he will work hard to earn the trust of the viewers once again. But, can that really happen?

The truth is Williams is too wounded to comeback, but NBC brass didn't have the guts to pull the plug on him immediately.

Now, we will wait 6 months to see the next chapter in the BriLie saga.

Stay tuned.....