NBC News Boss Turness Wants Williams to Stay

Word is that NBC News President Deborah Turness wants Brian Williams to stay and continue to anchor Nightly News.

Her boss, Pat Fili-Krushel, chairwoman of the NBC Universal news group is said to also be on team BriWi.

But, there are many others inside NBC and Comcast that think Williams has to go. His credibility is completely shot and NBC News as a brand is not much better off. Many inside 30 Rock think that keeping Williams could further erode the brand for the entire news division.

The final call whether Williams stays or goes will be up to Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast.

Word is that Roberts will seek the counsel of former NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw in helping make his decision. 

Brokaw has tried to stay out of the mess and will continue to do so publicly, but you can bet that at least a few higher ups will be asking for his thoughts on the matter. 

If it's up to Williams immediate boss (Turness) he will stay.

But, the final decision is above her pay grade.

Stay tuned.....