Hello Ft. Myers

Today's FTVLive is coming to you from Ft. Myers, Florida.

As we used to say, the old people live on Florida's east coast, their parents live in Ft. Myers.

I'm here for another Florida State Golf Association Winter Series event. After winning the first event, I made the 5 hour drive to Ft. Myers to compete in the second event.

Although, my golf clubs made the trip, my power cord for my MacBook Air is sitting back in the World HQ.

So, I'm stuck working on shitty ass WiFi and racing my battery to get Today's FTVLive up and "on the line". 

The FTVLive Intern will be guiding the ship on Tuesday and FTVLive is back to full strength on Wednesday (we hope).

We have some good stories for you Today, so let's get on with Today's news.