Landlord Opens Door, Media Crosses the Line

It was like a really bad episode of MTV Cribs.

The media is catching all kinds of of heat for for creating what was nothing more than a media circus inside the apartment of the San Bernardino killer's apartment. 

The landlord opened the door of the apartment and the media rushed in and trashed and tossed home belonging to the murderous, ISIS-loving couple who gunned down 14 innocents on Wednesday.

The FBI did confirmed that it had completed its search of the home for evidence and released the crime scene back to the site’s owner, but it didn't stop the media from looking like fools running around the apartment of the two dead killers.

CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, clearly shocked by the unfolding mob scene even asked his cameras to pull back at one point.

Let's watch MSNBC's Kerry Sanders audition for the host of the next Cribs.

H/T NY Daily News