Look Who's Back on Twitter

Back in October, FTVLive told you about KJRH former beauty queen / Assistant News Director Tami Marler.

Despite the fact that Marler was the Deuce at the Scripps station, she had no problem letting her political bias show of her Twitter account.

We're not saying Marler leans the right with her political viewers, because no one could lean that far without falling down.

Marler, posting under the screen name "Like a Boss(y)" posted some gems like this:

Insiders say it wasn't only on her Twitter account that she let her conservative views be known. They say she openly bashed the left and supported the right in the newsroom. Many thought it was behavior that was over the line with someone that was supposed to be a manager.

The day FTVLive posted the story, Marler deleted her Twitter account.

But, guess who has returned to Twitter?

Yep, the beauty queen is back as @TamiMarlerKJRH.

When she left Twitter she had about 6,000 followers. She's been back since just before Thanksgiving, but only has 37 followers.

Her posts seem to be more neutral and it doesn't appear to support her right wing views like the old Twitter account.

With only 37 followers, FTVLive thought we would be nice and give her a follow:

Looks like Miss Marler also believes in trying to censor the news as well.

Maybe you guys can help her out and give her a follow on Twitter. Just make sure you don't mention Obama or Clinton, you might be blocked as well.

Just saying....