Dallas Anchor Off the Air with Broken Jaw

WFAA Anchor John McCaa is off the air with a broken jaw that he sustained in a fight with a man that broke into his home.

Ha, we're kidding, it was a piece of french bread.

In an email to Ed Bark, McCaa said he had a pair of back teeth extracted two weeks ago and hoped to have them replaced with implants.

But last week, while eating a piece of french bread with “the teeth on the opposite side of my mouth, I heard something that sounded similar to the cracking of ice underfoot in the winter. I immediately experienced some of the worst pain I have ever had.”

At Baylor Hospital in Irving, a hairline fracture was discovered.

“I was then transported to Baylor downtown where a terrific team of surgeons and medical professionals operated and put in place, beneath the skins, a pair of metal plates,” he says. “A surgeon later told me the fracture was a bad one. While much of the time people have their jaw wired shut, for me that’s not much of an option. So I am talking as little as possible.”

McCaa says he was released from the hospital on Christmas Day. “I still have some pain, but the greater problem is part of my jaw and lower lip are numb. The surgeon told me that that happens in any surgery near a nerve. I should recover full feeling, but have no idea how long that will take. I am home now for at least a week.”