What a Tool (Updated)

When it comes to Fox News you have a solid lineup of talent, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Kevin Corke, Ed Henry and many others.

Then you have Fox News Media Critic Howard Kurtz.

I like to politely refer to Howard Kurtz as Roger Ailes mistake.

Ailes proves that even the great ones make mistakes and you should never be upset when you do. I always look at it like, "Heck even Roger Ailes makes mistakes, so it is OK if I did."

Ailes mistake (Kurtz) has become so entrenched with trying to please the big guy that mistakenly hired him, that he doesn't even know how to stay on one side of the issue.

Kurtz thinks that pounding the right wing agenda will win him points with Roger.

Let's look at a couple of Howie's tweets from yesterday. It shows that this guy can't even figure out which side of the issue he is on.

First he sent out this one taking a swipe at Hilary Clinton and the left leaning NY Times:

So, Howie basically thinks that going after BILL Clinton's cheating on his wife is fair game. He also thinks the Times is wrong in thinking that Trump is out of bounds mentioning that.

OK....it's Howie's opinion, we'll go along with that.

But then a short time later, Howie, responding to some critics tweets this:

Oh! So when it comes to the GOP candidate's baggage, we should just stay with the issues and not talk about that.

You can't have it both ways Howie? You can't go after Clinton's baggage and and leave the Trump bags sitting in the closet.  Even Roger Ailes would tell you that, you know, if the guy talked to you.

Howie in the political world you would be considered a flip flopper, in my world, I would use another F-word.

But hey, it's almost New Years and I'm trying to work on my resolutions early.

UPDATE: Just to show you how lost Howard Kurtz is, here is a tweet he sent out this morning: 

Now let's look at the political polls and see how "important" those Pataki voters are?

Gee at 0%, I'm sure the candidates are fighting tooth and nail to get those voters. 

Like we said....what a tool.