Raycom Stations Might Fall Off Cable System for the New Year

The problem with retransmission fights, is there is no one to root for.

It's like if watching a fight between Don Lemon and Geraldo Rivera. You really don't care who wins, but you're hoping both take some shots to the head.

Hawaiian Telcom is warning their customers that Raycom ownedKGMB (CBS) and KHNL (NBC) deal with them ends on December 31st and they likely will no longer be available on their cable system.

"We're fighting for fair rates on your behalf because a 300% monthly fee increase per channel is not sustainable. We understand the importance of KGMB (CBS) and KHNL (NBC) to you. However, we need to control rising programming costs, which adversely affect customers' bills."

If you believe that the cable company is "fighting for fair rates on your behalf" then I have some great swap land down here in Florida for you.

The greedy cable company is in a battle with the greedy station owner. In the end the two sides, after saying nasty words about each other, will come to an agreement and not disclose the details.

Then sometime in the coming months, customers will see an increase in their bill and both Hawaiian Telcom andRaycom will laugh all the way to the bank.