Katie Couric's Days at Yahoo are Numbered

When Yahoo hired for CBS and Today Show Anchor Katie Couric, many shook their head and wondered why?

Couric's job as Global News Anchor (which no one knows what that is) is likely coming to an end.

Yahoo is once gain deciding if it wants to sell off their web business and it is highly unlikely that whoever buys it will want to continue to pay Couric the millions of dollars she is making.

The NY Daily News says that Couric's splashy 2013 hire as "global news anchor" (and her monster paycheck) were a central plank in teetering Mayer's bid to transform the failing search site into a rival of cable networks like MSNBC and CNN and a rejuvenate it as a prestigious web destination.

Butinsiders say that the Silicon Valley investors who are now eyeing the company will see Couric as little more than a money pit.

One source familiar with the company's inner workings told us that the private equity firms kicking the company's tires "don't care" about her Peabody-Award-winning pedigree.

"Any way you slice it, investors are going to look at (her salary) and say, 'This isn't going to be something you're going to be able to accommodate in the budget," the Daily News quoting sources.

Where Couric will end up is anyone's guess, she's Anchored both morning and evening news, did a failed talk show and now the Internet thing.

Where Couric might be best is NBC hiring her back in a Barbara Walters type role of interviewing celebrities and news makers.

But, you have to remember that Couric and CNN boss Jeff Zucker are close. Don't be the least bit surprised that the perky one ends up at CNN.

Stay tuned....