This is More Than a Bit Creepy

You might want to watch what you say the next time you hop on a flight.

KOKI (Tulsa) Reporter Martina Del Bonta snooped on a a young couple that were sitting out a flight delay at the airport.

While the couple thought the conversation was between them, Del Bonta was tweeting it all out. Which we have to admit, is more than a bit creepy.

Was that "excuse me" like "excuse me, but why don't you mind your own business"?

Wedding?! These two kids just met and the Reporter already has them getting married.

OK, this is really getting creepy now.

After Del Bonta flooded Twitter with the young couple's conversation, she then went on the air to tell the story (I'm guessing this is what constitutes news in Tulsa these days). The station doesn't allow embedding, so you can watch the video here.

The idea that a Reporter did this is a bit concerning. The idea that the station thought this was a news story is barf inducing.

And Uncle Walter flips over more more time.